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Glass Soaps
This category will be growing this summer but for now features two very Cape Cod designs.


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Its soap! Really!

#14  Sea Glass Soaps

You are walking by the surf early in the morning. No one else was up when you left the cottage and you have the beach to yourself. The storm last night changed everything, and this is a new beach. There is a new shape to things, new lines of sea weed, and new treasures. You stroll along watching for beach glass formed by the surf pounding beside you.

We've been making these soaps for years and like true beach glass they've only gotten better with time. Each piece is so detailed with its realistic shape, right down to the fine little bubbles on the surface. The colors are always a joy, from the cobalt blue to the palest purple.

Sea glass soaps come collected in a clear pillow box tied with raffia. Each package contains multi-colored soaps shaped and rounded like sea glass, carrying the scent of fresh ocean rain.
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#41  Sunkissed Deck Prism

This stunning soap plays with the light just as its inspiration draws down the sun to light below decks. Prisms such as these and made of glass were laid flush with the deck of sailboats of yore to disperse the daylight in the cabin below.

Scented with a beautiful herbal with slight hints of citrus, this soap is sunshine and light in the palm of your hand.
Our Price: USD $7.00  

Units:       bar

Approximate Shipping Time:
within 1 week of receipt of payment

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